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Resources for Women Veterans


Education & Training

Many veterans return home with physical or emotional injuries, or limited job skills, that restrict their ability to find and hold jobs. Learn what you can do to take the first step towards developing the skills you need to change your life.

Deployed base honors Women's History Month with formation, ceremony

Trauma & Recovery

Women veteran’s and their families and friends can get immediate help via hotline, online chat or text. Find out about benefits and services available to women veterans for both PTSD and MST.

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Health Care Services

Women veterans have health care needs ranging from maternity care to readjustment counseling to support for disabilities. Find out about affordable health care services and dental care. Apply for VA health benefits online.

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Compensation & Benefits

This 2014 update to the Compensation and Benefits Handbook replaces the 2011 version and was compiled with input from the military Services, DoD Health Affairs/TRICARE Management Activity, the Departments of Veterans Affairs, Labor, Education, Health and Human Services, and the Social Security Administration.